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ZWHEELS Spare Parts Trading Software Solution

Designed specifically for Workshop Business Operation

ZWHEELS Automotive Software Solutions consist of various Software Modules designed specifically to enhance the entire business operation of Automotive Related Industries. ZWHEELS Spare Parts Trading Software Solution is designed specifically to increase the efficiency and productivity for the Spare Parts Trading Businesses.


  • Stock Inventory Master | Keep track all Stock/Inventory

    This System is designed to handle the necessary inventory control operations of a typical spare parts trading business. It takes away the very manual process of inventory or stock control with respect to monitoring and accountability.

  • Daily Stock Accuracy Adjustment System | Increase Accuracy

    Stock accuracy impacts on so many aspect of a successful warehousing business. Typical consequences of inaccurate inventory are lost sales and lost customers, missed schedules, late deliveries, shortages, and excesses. More than 80% of these problems can be traced back to inaccurate stock records.

  • Buy and Sell History Tracking | Keep track all Transaction

    System is able to link with Optional Accounting Module. Users can keep track of all the transaction for example sales invoice, purchase order, payable invoice and etc. Users can search for the previous transaction history easily.

  • Multi-Warehouse and Multi-Location | Total integrated Solution

    This Module is designed to manage the inventory needs of a Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Location operations. Each stock balance is tracked and managed, if necessary, by multi-warehouse and multi-locations.

  • Stock Control Documents | Goods Receive, Return, and Transfer

    This System comes with basic Stock Direct Movement(In/Out) Documents, Goods Received Notes, Goods Return Notes, Goods Transfer Notes and Good Stock Check Adjustment Documents.

  • Unique ID/Serial Number Tracking | Multi Supplier Part Number

    This System comes with an option for unique ID/serial number tracking. Users can therefore specifically be informed of which serial numbers are still available, or if required, will know the specific serial number of each item sold to any client or purchased from any supplier.

  • Management Reports | Various Comprehensive Reports

    This System is equipped with various comprehensive reports:
    • Stock Item Balance Summary Listing
    • Stock Item Location Balance Summary Listing
    • Stock Below Minimum Level Reports
    • Location Stock Detailed Listing
    • Warehouse/Branch Stock Check Listing
    • Stock Last Movement Report (for Inventory Aging)
    • Stock Value Summary by Brand/Group and many more!

Optional Modules

  • Integrate with Accounting Modules | Greatly reduce double work

    This System can be integrated with ZACCOUNTS Accounting Modules to eliminate duplication of work between operation department and accounting department. Double entry of data is eliminated and manual errors are significantly reduced!
    • Bank Module
    • Sales Invoice Module
    • Payable Invoice Module
    • Receipt Voucher Module
    • Payment Voucher Module
    • Journal Vouchers Module
    • Reference Monitoring Module
    • GST/Tax Handling
    • Accounting Reports

  • Stock Matrix Options | Industry Specific Features

    For trades like the clothing and shoe industries, this Module allows users to manage up to 5 levels of matrix definitions. Color, size, material and etc. are all definable within the System. Common pricing can be applied to all Matrix Items or singularly, away from a Matrix. For example all design of Model 12345 is priced at $38.00 except for Black which is priced at $45.00.

  • Bill of Material Management | Goods Assembly

    For Trades which involve goods assembly, this Module allows users to have an option for BOM(Bill of Material) definition with complete monitoring for revisions to the BOM. Assembly/Disassembly work orders can be issued with the BOM option. Wastage of material is also monitored.