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ZPROSPECT Prospect Management Software Solution

Designed Specifically for Sales and Business Development

ZPROSPECT is designed for the management of a sales team and effectively manages the process from quotation to final closing and even optional billing.h designed to keep complete staff or employee personal information, leave application, leave entitlement and etc.

ZHR Features

  • Prospect Main Module | Prospect Status

    The Prospect Main Module allows the user to key in a prospect once product interest is desired or expressed. Sales staff or sales admin staff can key in the prospect information in this module with respect to the desired product information, contact person, approximate budget and etc.

    Possible status of the sales prospect could be: Closed, Declined, Voided and etc. The sales manager can then print out all the sales closing for this month, for this sales staff, and also the closed sales value. Pending sales, declined sales is available from screen or reports at your fingertips.

  • Prospecting Form | Documents Printing

    A prospecting form can immediately be printed from the system once raised. This sales form will accompany the sales person every step of the sales process. Sales Manager can then review the status of the prospect form with the sales person. Once keyed in, the document is tracked all the way.

  • Quotations and Other Documents | Open Quotation

    Quotations or documents can be raised from the Prospect Module, activating popular Word Processors, Spreadsheets. Documents raised this way will be automatically filed under the specific prospect.

  • Memo and Notes |Key in Memo and Notes

    Unlimited Memo or Notes can be made with regards to discussions or important issues pertaining to the sales.

  • Prospect Activity | Monitor Sales Activities

    Keep track of all the customer visit records. Sales manager can use this function to monitor the salesman activities.

Optional Modules

  • Integrate with ZEVENTS | Event Reminders

    ZEVENTS is a general task management tool for a typical organization, big or small. It is a reminder tool, an event prompting tool and can be integrated with most of the ZSOFT products.

    Staff can general set event reminder with respect to organized purposes. Once set, Z-EVENTS will prompt the staff once they login to the system. Staff can also assign events to one-another.

    Once assigned, the staff being assigned the staff will be prompted that a new event/task is assigned to him/her. If used properly, in the absence of any staff, their supervisor will be able to know the scheduled outstanding activities for redirected follow-up services.

    When integrated with ZPROSPECT, it allows the sales staff to set important follow-up events. When the sales staff logs in for the day, he will be prompted of an important outstanding event staff pertaining to a possible sales prospect. Proper step-by-step follow-up can then be done until the issue is systematically closed.

  • Integrate with Accounting Modules | Greatly reduce double work

    This System can be integrated with ZACCOUNTS Accounting Modules to eliminate duplication of work between operation department and accounting department. Double entry of data is eliminated and manual errors are significantly reduced!
    • Bank Module
    • Sales Invoice Module
    • Payable Invoice Module
    • Receipt Voucher Module
    • Payment Voucher Module
    • Journal Vouchers Module
    • Reference Monitoring Module
    • GST/Tax Handling
    • Accounting Reports