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ZWHEELS Hire Purchase Software Solution

Designed specifically for Hire Purchase Business

ZWHEELS Automotive Software Solutions consist of various Software Modules designed specifically to enhance the entire business operation of Automotive Related Industries. ZWHEELS Hire Purchase Software Solution is designed specifically to increase the efficiency and productivity for the business operation of Hire Purchase related business.


  • Daily Collection Module | Enhance Efficiency & Accuracy

    This is a module designed specifically to increase the speed and accuracy for daily collection. Users just need to key in vehicle number, number of installment and payment mode and system will do the rest.

  • Hire Purchase Account Master | Keep track all information

    Users can key in Purchase Price, Down Payment, Interest Rate, number of installments, select Finance Company, and System will then calculate the Loan Amount, Term Charge, Monthly Installment and Last Installment Amount.

  • HP Installment Computation | Keep track each transaction

    System will keep track each payment made by the hirer, details for example payment mode, amount, date, number of installment paid and etc.

  • Late Charge Computation | Collect Late Charge

    System will also calculate if there is any late charge the hirer needs to pay. This late charge amount will prompt automatically when the hirer wants to pay the installment.

  • Check Installment and Settlement | Customer Enquiry

    System will calculate the balance amount that hirer need to pay if they want to do full settlement. Users can choose to purchase an Additional Module with SMS Function which allows users to SMS the settlement info to hirer and other staff.

  • Hirer Account Status | Monitor Installment Status

    Users can print out Nominal Ledger and other Hire Purchase related documents as reference for hirer account status. Users can use the System to monitor the installment and payment status.

  • GIRO, Cheque and Cash | Various Payment Methods

    System able to handle various payment methods for example by GIRO, Cheque, Cash, Partial Payment, Multiple Installment, Advance Payment, Late Payment and etc.

  • First and Second Reminder Notices | Batch Printing

    Users can set the date range that they want to print the First and Second Reminder Notices, System will based on the given setting to filter all the Hire Purchase Accounts that need to generate Reminder Notice.

  • 4th Schedule, 5th Schedule, and Repo. | Auto Generate

    System can also generate the 4th Schedule, 5th Schedule, and Repossess Order Letter. Users can monitor the status from time to time by using the System.

  • Hirer and Vehicle Information Master | Customer Info

    Users can keep track the information of all the hirer and vehicle for example address, contact info, background, guarantor info, vehicle make and model, chassis number, engine number, colour, and etc.

  • Event Tracking System | Keep track important History

    System will records all important events for example 4th Schedule Date, 5th Schedule Date, Repo. Date in the Event Module to remind the users the current status of this hirer.

  • Postdated Cheques Tracking System | Manage Collection

    Users can record the postdated cheques received from hirer and monitor the bank in date by using the System.

  • Black Listed Hirer Management | Warning System

    System will prompt and alert users if they intend to key in the HP Account for black listed hirer.

  • Management Reports | Various Comprehensive Reports

    Users can view or print out various reports for example Settlement Gain/Loss, HP Accounts Summary Defaulters Listing, Daily/Monthly Collection Listing, Hirer Loan vs Finance Loan Listing, HP Earned/Unearned Listing and etc.

Optional Modules

  • Integrate with Accounting Modules | Greatly reduce double work

    This System can be integrated with ZACCOUNTS Accounting Modules to eliminate duplication of work between operation department and accounting department. Double entry of data is eliminated and manual errors are significantly reduced!
    • Bank Module
    • Sales Invoice Module
    • Payable Invoice Module
    • Receipt Voucher Module
    • Payment Voucher Module
    • Journal Vouchers Module
    • Reference Monitoring Module
    • GST/Tax Handling
    • Accounting Reports