Operation Softwares / Automotive Solutions

ZWHEELS Block Discount Software Solution

Designed specifically for Block Discount Business Operation

ZWHEELS Automotive Software Solutions consist of various Software Modules designed specifically to enhance the entire business operation of Automotive Related Industries. ZWHEELS Floor Stock Software Solution is designed specifically to increase the efficiency and productivity for those vehicle trading companies with Floor Stock related business.


  • Floor Stock In Module

  • Floor Stock Out Module

  • Floor Stock Listing by Finance Company

  • Outstanding Payment

  • Outstanding Receipt

  • Floor Stock Transaction Summary

  • Various Management Reports

Optional Modules

  • Integrate with Accounting Modules | Greatly reduce double work

    This System can be integrated with ZACCOUNTS Accounting Modules to eliminate duplication of work between operation department and accounting department. Double entry of data is eliminated and manual errors are significantly reduced!
    • Bank Module
    • Sales Invoice Module
    • Payable Invoice Module
    • Receipt Voucher Module
    • Payment Voucher Module
    • Journal Vouchers Module
    • Reference Monitoring Module
    • GST/Tax Handling
    • Accounting Reports