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ZFILETRACK Document Management Software Solution

Designed Specifically for Files and Documents Control

ZFILETRACK is an E-Filing, E-Imaging tool plus an effective Document preparation and Electronic Filing tool for any company. It facilitates E-Filing, Document preparation Control and Filing, quick retrieval and etc.


  • Electronic Filing Module | Document Control

    Allows user to organize by unlimited File group and specify the File Group Name. Each Document raised will be assigned a Document reference by File Group. Allows users to organize both Incoming/Out Going Documents. Allows Users to file both the source document (e.g. Word Document) and the actual image copy sent out.

  • Document Templates and Attachments | Create MS Office Documents

    Allows users to activate Excel or Word from within ZFILETRACK. Allows user to set-up templates for reusability between users, if desired for example Standard letters.

  • Document Organization and Tracking | Document Tracking System

    Documents are automatically tracked using File ref organized by File Group. Allows users to keep track of ALL incoming/outgoing documents relating or not relating to the company. Users can search for documents by Staff, File Group, keywords in Subject Header, Document status etc. Users can view actual Document image without referring to the actual “Hard Copy”.

  • Key Reference Document Tracking | Project Code and ID

    This module allows the user to define Key References e.g. By Project Code, by issue Code, by Ship Name Code, by Property code, by Legal Case No. Users can organize and track all documents by the Key Reference Code.

  • Electronic Filing of E-Mails/Faxes | Email and E-Filing

    E-Mails sent out/from the User can be filed. No Need to print and file a copy. Can organize these documents under the Key Reference Module. Users can organize and track all documents by the Key Reference Code.

  • Powerful Search & Retrieval Features | Easy Searching

    User can filter mails by Staff, File Group, From/To. User can filter by keywords in Subject Headers. User can filter by Document Dates. User can also filter by any combination of the above and more.

  • Cost Savings & Improved Efficiency | Time Saving

    Using ZFILETRACK can result in savings in “Hard Copy” filing, where relevant. E-Mails/Electronic faxes can be filed without printing, thereby and often resulting in cost savings. In line and totally suited with Future Trends to communicate through E-Mails.

  • Possible Applications | Suitable for different Industries

    This System can be integrated with ZACCOUNTS Accounting Modules to eliminate duplication of work between operation department and accounting department. Double entry of data is eliminated and manual errors are significantly reduced!
    • Law Firms eg. E-Filing, Image Filing, Affidavits.
    • Building Maintenance Services eg. Photographs of defects, etc.
    • Construction Firms – QS Estimates spreadsheet, architectural drawings etc., Workers Photos, Site Progress Photos etc. Organize Project Claims, Drawings, Sub-Con Claims etc. by Project, Matters.
    • Architectural Firms – Drawings, Consultancy Documents, Photos etc.
    • Man Power Services eg. Maid Photos, Resumes etc.
    • Restaurant Menus and Picture of Dishes. File previous menus list etc.
    • Maid Agencies, File Picture of Maid, Bio data etc.
    • Printing Business, where designs are required to be filed.
    • And many more.