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Designed specifically for Service Business

ZEBUSINESS created to make every work requirements paperless as all things are to be uploaded in a company's computer system. eBusiness makes every company's receipt voucher, invoice, documents, signature, submission, management approval, electronic.


  • Simplify Workflow

    Approval of Purchase Order & Payment Voucher can all be done in the System without the need to print out the hardcopy manually.

  • Scan, Not Staple

    The System is linked with Scanner, the scanned document will be stored into your Server directly, you can also e-file other documents.

  • E-File Invoices

    You can now e-file the Sales Invoice instead of manual filing the copies. You can reprint it when needed.

  • E-File Payables

    You can e-file Supplier Invoices conveniently. Management can log in the System and verify those pending Payment Vouchers.

  • Electronic Signature

    Authorized person can sign on the Electronic Signature Pad, the signature will then be reflected on the specific document in the System.

  • Towards Paperless

    You are now one step closer to computerize your business process and move towards an environmentally friendly workflow.

  • Higher Accessibility

    All documents can be retrieved anytime you want based on your user rights, this will greatly improve the work efficiency.

  • Better Control

    You no longer have to always ask your colleagues about the physical location of the documents you need.

  • Advance Integration

    eBusiness can be integrated with PCOM Suite of Solution to eliminate double work among different Departments.

  • Space Saving

    Proposals, Sales Invoices, Receipts, Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices, Payment Vouchers can all be stored electronically.

Optional Modules

  • Integrate with Accounting Modules | Greatly reduce double work

    ZSTOCK can be integrated with ZACCOUNTS Accounting Modules to eliminate duplication of work between operation department and accounting department. Double entry of data is eliminated and manual errors are significantly reduced!
    • Bank Module
    • Sales Invoice Module
    • Payable Invoice Module
    • Receipt Voucher Module
    • Payment Voucher Module
    • Journal Vouchers Module
    • Reference Monitoring Module
    • GST/Tax Handling
    • Accounting Reports

  • Stock Matrix Options | Industry Specific Features

    For trades like the clothing and shoe industries, this Module allows users to manage up to 5 levels of matrix definitions. Color, size, material and etc. are all definable within the System. Common pricing can be applied to all Matrix Items or singularly, away from a Matrix. For example all design of Model 12345 is priced at $38.00 except for Black which is priced at $45.00.

  • Bill of Material Management| Goods Assembly

    For Trades which involve goods assembly, this Module allows users to have an option for BOM(Bill of Material) definition with complete monitoring for revisions to the BOM. Assembly/Disassembly work orders can be issued with the BOM option. Wastage of material is also monitored.